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Scan to Email not working with Mobile Print

Question asked by Eric Kurtz` on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by Chris Davidson

We had a working Scan to Email environment.  The end user would log into the MFP and scan.  The email was delivered from the email account setup on the MFP. (Generic Account)   Once we installed MobilePrint and a user has an email associated, the user can no longer scan to email.  We are using O365 with the generic account authenticating to send the email. Using port 587 to send email.  The MFP on Konica Minolta devices.  Uniprint 9.   iMFP


I'm suspecting that somewhere the Pharos/KM integration is telling the MFP to send the email with a From field of the logged in user and not the generic account defined in the MFP.   What password would they be trying to use?  


We would like to keep the original functionality if possible. Is there a way to tell Pharos or KM to use the defined email versus the logged in users email address. 


Eric Kurtz

Susquehanna University