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Page Counting and HP Universal Print Driver

Question asked by Ricky Johnson on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by David Pearson

We are in the swing of things updating print packages and deploying to our campus labs.  I typically update to the latest HP Universal Print Driver (we are nearly exclusive to HP right now) for the Print Queue and the client installation (no custom drivers).  We had no issues with the total counts with version 6.0.0 (even though the copy numbers weren't always right).  We recently upgraded to 6.1.0 (and 6.2.1) PCL6 versions, but we're having major issues so we are rolling back.


Here's the issue:


A student has any document (tested with Acrobat, Word, Chrome web page) and wants to print multiple copies.  So, with my single page to print, and click the Add button and get to 12 copies and hit print.  The system sees the copy count correctly with this version, but it's also counting the total pages as a single document (e.g. 1 page x 12 copies = 12 total pages, Pharos will then do 12 copies of that for 144 pages).  This occurs with version 6.1.0 and 6.2.1 of the PCL6 print driver.  We do not have this issue with the PostScript version, but even in that one, the copy counts don't show correctly (but the printout is correct).


Anyone have any insight to this?


Thanks in advance for any help.  We are sticking with v6.0.0 for right now, but may test more with the PS version.