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    IIS Redirect for Print Center

    Richard Post Guide

      I have been asked by almost every customer that installs Print Center in their environment something about how to more easily direct traffic to the Print Center from the default website without breaking the other web sites (especially EDI and packages) that may be installed on the server.   Here is the best answer that I have so far for taking care of this...



      First, you'll want to make sure that your Print Center server has an easy name to remember...


      A DNS CNAME (or alias) can allow users to point at a more easy to remember name

           You can reach HP_Server_ML390_Uniprint02.school.edu with something simple like print.school.edu




      A Default Page (Default.html, Index.html, etc.) can be placed in the root of the default website to auto forward.

           For instance from the default site (print.school.edu) to the https://print.school.edu/myprintcentersite

                Create a file called index.html under C:\inetpub\wwwroot with the following contents




      <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=./MyPrintCenter" />





      An Error Page can also be to set so that any error of a particular type can redirect to the correct page

           If Error page 404 (Page Not Found) can be created to forward  print.school.edu/oops-I-did-it-wrong to go properly to https://print.school.edu/myprintcenter

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          Jeff Geller Guide

          In addition to that if a user types in the below addresses you can also use Javascript to redirect them to the MyPrintCenter site.


          HTTP://print.school.edu redirects to HTTPS://print.school.edu/MyPrintCenter

          HTTPS://print.school.edu redirects to HTTPS://print.school.edu/MyPrintCenter


          Add this small Javascript in BOLD below to your HTML file  just above the <HEAD> TAG in the default.htm file or iisstart.htm file you have in C:\inetpub\wwwroot directory that you are using. Or you can use the whole HTML  code below in a file. Attached is the sample code below.




                 <title>This page will redirect to the MyPrintCenter page</title>

                 <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=http://print.school.edu/myprintcenter/">

                 <meta name="keywords" content="automatic redirection">

                      <script type="text/JavaScript">

                      var currHref;

                      if (location.href.indexOf('http:')>-1)

                      {var SSLlinks = document.getElementsByName('SSL');

                      for (var i = 0;i<SSLlinks.length;i++)

                      {currHref = SSLlinks[i].href;

                      currHref = currHref.replace('http:','https:');

                      SSLlinks[i].href = currHref;}}




                 If your browser doesn't automatically go there within a few seconds,

                 you may want click the link here for

                 <a href="http://print.school.edu/myprintcenter"> print.school.edu/MyPrintCenter</a>



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