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    RFID Proximity card reader compatibility for Xerox iMFP's

    lpadgett Scout

      What types of proximity card readers are accepted by the Xerox iMFP's? We use Blackboard Transact for our student billing system.  I guess the most obvious choice would be the FeliCa card readers but I just wanted to see what other configs were out there.

        • I'm not very familiar with RFID technology (but very interested ) and wonder if there are any hurdles in installation.  I noticed the FeliCa's operate on a different frequency than others?
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          John Stewart Guide

          The Xerox iMFP's use our standard set of card readers.  These would be the Magtec swipe readers (for magnetic strip cards) and the PCProx Plus reader for all the different prox card technologies.  In addition Xerox uses the Elatec embedded prox reader when they include the reader under the plastic (as opposed to the external mount for the other readers) and we are compatible with this.


          ThePCProx Plus reader is reconfigurable to read all of the major prox technologies out there in the industry (OK, almost all of them).  Pharos has become quite good at working out the particulars of how a reader needs to be configured to get it to read the correct numbers off a card.


          As far as FeliCa goes they are a bit different.  The trick with FeliCa is that the card and the reader are matched and must be sourced from the same company.  So in order to read the secure information off the Blackboard FeliCa card you would have to purchase a reader from Blackboard.  They have a reader and it works with most of our product offerings.  Unfortunately it does NOT yet work with the iMFP for Xerox.  Xerox creates their own card reader drivers and has not yet implemented a driver for the Blackboard reader.


          Now, that being said, you could use the PCProx Plus reader to read the card serial number (CSN) from the FeliCa card.  This is NOT the secure FeliCa ID from the card.  It is just a guaranteed unique number that could be used with card registration to associate a user with a credential.  But it is not able to read into the secure area of the FeliCa card.