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    Pharos PC Theme

    Andrew Wynbissinger Tracker

      Is there a way to save the theme that is created on a Pharos PC Station? We are going to deploy to multiple Pharos PC Stations and would like to not recreate the theme everytime.

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          Steven English Guide

          Andrew Wynbissinger,


          Depending on how you are making the changes, the instructions will vary.  Since the Pharos Stations default to use the Vx3 theme, I personally just make changes to the images in there, then copying the folder is all that needs to be done.  However, if you have created a new theme, or have customized the verbiage on your Pharos Station via registry keys additional steps will be required (see below).  The path for the themes is C:\Program Files (x86)\Pharos\Bin\Images.


          If the registry is involved, it is still pretty simple as long as all the Pharos Stations are configured the same (same install path, for example).  After you have copied the folder containing the current scheme onto the Pharos Station, you can just export the entirety of the [HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Pharos\Station] key to the new machine (the Wow6432Node section won't be present on 32-bit machines).  The [Station\Color Scheme\Current Scheme] REG_SZ will tell you which scheme is in use and would confirm that you have copied the correct folder to the correct path.




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            ajohnsuw Scout

            The way we deploy multiple PC stations is to customize a new theme, make any changes we want to do to lock down the stations and take an image of the PC. We then use that image on all of our PC release stations. But that isn't exactly what you asked...


            What I've done for similar things, but not for Pharos PC release stations, is to use GPO to replace the files. For example, you could look at the files for the default theme (C:\Program Files (x86)\Pharos\bin\Images\Pharos VX3) and have the GPO push "updated" files to replace those. That way if you want to make a change to all release stations you can just edit the files on the network server and, after a reboot or two, the altered files should end up on the PC stations.

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