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    HP Printers Error Message

    Ali Alhobabai Wayfarer

      Hello All,

      Does anyone know why we get this error message the first anyone prints to  HP printers? When I  print it would give this error message attached and and I would click Ok and it would print. It only happens once and if you I print again the error message doesn't come again. It happens to all the HP printers including Plotters. It never did it on a RICOH printer!



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          Paul LaFollette Guide

          Is "Interior_Design_Oversive_BW" the name of one of your printers?


          If it was but no longer exists ... Or is part of the "set" but currently unavailable .... that might trigger the message.  The system checks the status of the printers and is reporting one of the choices won't fit the print job parameters or isn't available.


          At least, that's my assessment.



          - Paul L.

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            Steven English Guide

            Ali Alhobabai,


            Is the auto configuration option enabled in the print driver properties under the Device Settings tab?  I would try changing the print processor to WinPrint RAW, disabling the auto config, and then making sure any other properties/capabilities have been configured, but I would guess that the error you are seeing would probably go away by setting the print processor and disabling the auto-configure option in Device Settings.




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                Scott Olswold Guide


                This will happen if the HP Universal print driver was installed in "Dynamic" mode versus traditional mode (I trust that this did not happen; that type of installation is not recommended for use in a Uniprint/Secure Print scenario), or if the driver is installed in Traditional mode and seeking bidirectional communication. In both instances, communication is obtained through the port assigned to the driver's print queue, the assumption being that the queue is either directly configured for the printer (via Standard TCP/IP, LPR, or the HP port monitor), or is a shared queue connection and the server has the defined port for the printer. When it is a Uniprint queue, that queue uses a port called the Pharos Secure Port and has no connection to a printer at all. That is why you are seeing this message. It is very easy to correct. All changes are made at the server and then packages are rebuilt. Hopefully the Pharos Updater was included with the package(s), or you will need to revisit each deployed client.


                1. Remove "Bidirectional Support" for the queue under the Properties > Ports tab by unchecking the box.


                2. Set "Automatic Configuration" for the queue under Properties > Device Settings > Installable Options to Off.


                I hope this helps.


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