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Digital Signing/SmartScreen rep

Question asked by ajohnsuw on Jun 16, 2016

Hi Community,


We are building out a new 9.0R2 environment. With that comes new packages. Our existing (8.4) packages download fine without any scary warming messages. Our new 9.0R2 packages, when downloaded via IE with SmartScreen, generate a warning saying the files aren't downloaded very often and adds a few extra clicks to make sure you really want to install them.


Unfortunately, for our current environment, we have 2 packages for each locations (this is something else I'm working on). This means we have over sixty packages available for download currently. This a lot of extra clicks and it also means that some files won't be added as safe for SmartScreen as quickly.


In researching this I read a two blog posts by Microsoft (“Stranger Danger” – Introducing SmartScreen® Application Reputation | IEBlog,  Everything you need to know about Authenticode Code Signing | IEInternals ) and it sounds like getting the packages digital signed and/or using the Windows Logo program can both help this process. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with doing one or both of those they can share.




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