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    Remove old groups/branches/PCs

    Adam Demeter Scout

      We no longer have a certain branch of PCs in our physical inventory. Everytime I go to delete a group, branch, or PC it says it is tied to another record or transaction. Is it possible to remove old PCs and branches that are no longer needed? I'm assuming the only way to do this is to remove the user associated with this also? Thanks for the help.

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          Jeff Herald Guide

          It's not the user that needs to be removed from the database, it's the transaction (booking in Signup's case) that is preventing you from removing these items.  As this system has a relational database behind it, the booking record relies on these items for database integrity.  So you'd have to first remove these transaction records to then be able to remove the computers, branches, and other associated information.  Be aware that doing that will then affect the report history so you may need to get final reports for that branch, or on these computers first.


          What I've done in the past, if a customer does not want to lose the data, is to rename the computers or branch with a "Z" or "ZZZ" at the beginning of the name so that they call at the bottom of the list in the Nerve Center. That's one suggestion.   I hope that helps explain it.


          -Jeff Herald - Pharos Systems

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            Richard Post Guide

            Another important thing that I would like to mention is that some customers have found themselves in a bit of a pickle by installing the SignUp server when they do not have a license for SignUp.  It creates a branch and some other items that cannot be archived because the SignUp interface does not show up if you are not licensed.   Though it is possible to remove the protections in the database and manually clean it out, the recommended way to handle this is to call into Support.  A temporary license key can be applied to allow you to remove the records and clean up the system in the way described in this thread.