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    Scanning to email

    Arthur Carter Newbie

      We use Pharos Authentication to control Scanning to Email from our MFDs but we don't charge our users for the service. We do however charge for Copying and Printing.

      I am assuming from what I have observed that Scanning to Email is the equivalent of a copy job as far as Pharos is concerned?


      We charge £0.04 per page for copies.


      Our Users can happily Scan to email for free - UNLESS they happen to have less than £0.04 credit. In this case the User gets an error at the device stating that they have insufficient funds to continue.


      So, ironically, if you are more than £0.04 in credit you may scan to email for free, however if you are less than £0.04 in credit you may not scan to email at all.


      Boiling that down: Wealthy? = free stuff  |  Broke? = Sweet Fanny Adams.


      Sounds like a Tory manifesto.


      Uniprint 8.4


      Any thoughts?



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          Jeff Herald Guide

          Some MFD's have a 'feature' that will not allow a user to complete the logon procedure if they do not have sufficient funds.  The reason is that is, in some cases, the system does not charge the user until after a copy is made, so if a user didn't have enough funds to copy, they could possibly get a free copy because they got logged on with insufficient funds.  Some of our iMFP solutions make provisions for this and some have no way to do that.  In those cases, we've had to implement a custom solution (i.e. script) to 'trick' the MFD into thinking the user has at least enough funds for one copy so that they can get logged on and make a scan.  Now, each case is different, so this isn't the best forum for providing a full solution.  I recommend you contact your reseller or Pharos Support for evaluation and to get the proper solution for your needs.  It can be solved, it's just a matter of finding the right combination for your system.


          I'm curious, "Sweet Fanny Adams"?  LOL


          -Jeff Herald - Pharos Systems

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