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Uniprint Batch load and "Active" field

Question asked by Jim Conroy on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2016 by Nic Meadows

I am looking at using the the "active" filed in the Pharos user record to disable users printing when then no longer meet the legibility requirements.

i.e. a student who drops all courses or who is deregistered, remove their print capabilities.


Of course the batch load with the format

<last name>,<first name>,<logon id>,<billing option>,<group>,<password>,<access level>,<purse;action;amount;purse;action;amount;purse;action;amount> OR <credit>,<address>,<phone>,<comment>,<rate schedule> ,<card ID>,<middle initial>,<alias>,<email>,<custom1>,<custom2>,<active>

can do this but the "active" field is field 19 (that's a lot of commas)


Is there another way to set the active field?

Are there a better way to "suspend" printing access?


This is on Pharos 9.0.