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    cost centers behaving strangely

    Bill Kasper Guide

      we use grants for everything.  and have a crapload of them, as those of you who i bored to tears in scottsdale might remember through a haze of monotony.


      today, one of our student employees, whose account is constrained to one limited grant and one unlimited grant, is only seeing both choices greyed out when she goes to authenticate at our Ricoh iMFP screens.  it turns out she's reached her limit on the limited grant, and so it is correctly greyed-out.  but why would that render the other grant, which is unlimited, greyed-out and unavailable?


      inquiring minds, and all that.  Jeff, Post Toasties?

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          Richard Post Guide

          This sounds like something for a Support ticket.  In the meantime, and for all our Community members, I'll add some supporting information on Third Party Charging...


          The Pharos Third Party Charging option allows organizations to record activities to departments, cost centers, FOAPALs, and grants.


          Regular cost centers (non-grants) are basically equivalent to 'Arrears' accounts.  They start at zero and go negative indefinitely.  Organizations can choose to bill back, report, or somehow make the departments accountable for the activities.

          Grants are special cost centers that act as 'Advance' where they start with a certain amount and are reduced with the print, copy, scan activity done by the users with access to the grant.  Individual users can even be allocated specific amounts as part of the total amount of the grant should the organization choose to handle it that way.  Once a grant or a user's allotment of the grant has run out, it should no longer be accessible to the user.  This is done by either graying out the grant or removing it from the list of available options to select.


          Some additional information about grants can be found in the attached TechNote.

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            gschwartz Tracker

            Is there another device she could try to authenticate at, to see if it does the same thing?  We have some HP M4345's here and when I try to login with just my unlimited staff cost center, it won't let me authenticate at all.  But if I attach another (limited) cost center to my account and then login, it lets me choose either of them to charge to, and allows me to copy.  No other devices here (HP or otherwise) have that issue.