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Installing Pharos Remote for users

Question asked by Steve Yount on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by Scott Copus

When I launch Pharos Remote, I get a UAC prompt so that that app can be allowed to make changes to the system. However, if someone with only user access on their computer runs this, the UAC prompt requires admin credentials be entered before the software will launch. This is preventing student employees from using the software, as they are not administrators.


Does anyone know how to install/configure Pharos Remote so that this prompt does not come up? I know that it is possible, as we have some staff machines that do not give a UAC warning and allow usage under a non-admin Windows account. I cannot find what is different about these machines that Pharos Remote would launch differently - I thought it would be the UAC settings but the machines that do not give the warning have a higher UAC level set than other computers that do prompt. The Pharos Remote install, setup, server, and shortcut appear to be the same on both machines.