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    Installing Pharos Remote for users

    Steve Yount Adventurer

      When I launch Pharos Remote, I get a UAC prompt so that that app can be allowed to make changes to the system. However, if someone with only user access on their computer runs this, the UAC prompt requires admin credentials be entered before the software will launch. This is preventing student employees from using the software, as they are not administrators.


      Does anyone know how to install/configure Pharos Remote so that this prompt does not come up? I know that it is possible, as we have some staff machines that do not give a UAC warning and allow usage under a non-admin Windows account. I cannot find what is different about these machines that Pharos Remote would launch differently - I thought it would be the UAC settings but the machines that do not give the warning have a higher UAC level set than other computers that do prompt. The Pharos Remote install, setup, server, and shortcut appear to be the same on both machines.

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          Paul LaFollette Guide

          To get rid of the UAC prompting, you have to disable UAC (to my understanding) and the software may still need Admin rights to run, which brings us to the point for which I'm chiming in on this...



          Does the Pharos Remote have to have Admin rights to the computer where you're running Pharos Remote?    I would think not.  Pharos Remote may require elevated rights to the Pharos systems, but wouldn't be doing any "Admin" functions with the system where the user of Pharos Remote is at, only with the remote Pharos systems the Pharos Remote is talking to remotely.


          At my PC, Pharos Remote isn't doing any admin functions because my PC isn't one of the Pharos systems,, so why must it have Admin rights to my PC?


          My ramblings on the subject.

          - Paul L.


          EDIT: UAC is inconsistent to my experience, and I don't know an answer to why some systems don't prompt while other do.

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              Jim Gilliver Pioneer

              The Administrator and Remote both rely on MMC, which is configured for UAC to prompt for elevation if the user is capable of elevating.  If the user is not able to elevate automatically (i.e. the user would need to provide alternate credentials), the process will run as a standard user.


              When we moved Remote to .Net v4, we needed to add the AdminLauncher tool to configure the environment before MMC would run properly.  This tool was originally configured to prompt for elevation in all cases, because of a misunderstanding of MMC's requirements (my mistake - sorry!).  This was corrected in a fix, so current versions of Remote should not prompt for elevation if the user is a non-privileged user to begin with.  Unfortunately, if you are running it as an administrator, you will be prompted to elevate.  If you start mmc.exe from the run dialog and it prompts for elevation, then you are going to see the prompt for Remote as well.


              I believe Windows has a list of exceptions to allow certain shortcuts to launch without prompting (when not configured for the strictest security, at least).  Services.msc is one of these, but I don't think it's possible to amend that list.  There are also some workarounds to avoid the prompt for specific programs.  Apart from third-party tools, one workaround involves setting up a privileged scheduled task to launch the application, and a custom shortcut that starts the task instead.

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                  Steve Yount Adventurer

                  Thank you! When I installed the latest version of the software it behaved as expected.

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                    Scott Copus Adventurer

                    Hi Jim,


                    I'm checking to see if the behavior of Pharos Remote when running as a non-admin user is still the same as you previously describedit--that it shouldn't prompt for elevation (show the UAC prompt).  The elevation prompt is showing for me on Windows 10 1709 with Pharos Remote 9.0.9002.823 R2.  It displays when using the installer-generated shortcut (using adminlauncher), directly launching RemoteConsole.msc, or even MMC.exe.  I'm just trying to avoid this extra prompt when our student workers use it.  If there's no avoiding it, that's ok.  But if so, can you go into more detail about the scheduled task workaround?



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                    Katherine Baynton Ranger

                    You can find the latest version of Remote, with the fix as per Jim's comments, available here: Uniprint Service Packs and Hot Fixes

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