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Any experience with 3rd party excel add-in called "treeplan"

Question asked by Mari Emslie on May 2, 2016

We're getting a report (few reports?) from one of our grad schools that they are having problems printing to a queue running the HP LJ PCL 6 universal print driver (V 5.8.0) using 'treeplan'. It was a vague report and i'm asking the local IT for more info (OS, when it started, etc) , but they are initially indicating that printing to the HP LJ queue, that their applications are freezing (after installing treeplan) and the pop-up takes a significant amount of time to appear and accept credential information.  They said they do not experience the same problem when printing to a xerox queue/driver (GPD PCL 6 V3.2.303.16.0) or a ricoh queue/driver (MP C3503 PCL6)


We're running Uniprint 9.0 on MS server 2012 r2. This grad school has their own (separate) server with ~20 release stations ( ~18 are lexmark embedded solutions and 2 pc release stations) And they have 4 xerox iMFPs and 1 Ricoh iMFP also on that server.  So only 3 queues on this server (and only limited to these users)


Anyone have any experience with treeplan at all? if so, have you had/seen similar system responses?