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Does Uniprint 9.0 R2 support the use of SQL 2014?

Question asked by Andrea Clark on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by Peachy Velasco

Hello Pharo Community,


I'm a newbie to Pharos, so please be gentle. :-) My organization is about to set up a test environment for Uniprint 9.0 R2. We are spec'ing out the requirements for the environment and our DBA has a couple of questions concerning supported SQL versions and permissions requirements.


Is Uniprint 9.0 R2 supported with SQL 2014, if not, is there an ETA for it's support?


We will be deploying the Pharos services on a dedicated test and separate production server, with separate SQL backend servers. The documentation indicates that the installation tech will need the SA ID and password with local administrator rights to all servers, including the database servers.


What specific database permissions are required for the Pharos database userID?

Why would it be necessary for the Pharos installation tech to have local administrator rights on the dedicated database server that is managed separately by a DBA team?


Thank you in advance.


Andrea Clark

Windows Server and Application Administrator

University of Texas at Dallas