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    Reports for invoicing on department level?

    Niklas Malmström Wayfarer



      I was asked by the management to investigate if there is any possibilities to use the reports from Blueprint as basic data material for internal invoicing, as we today just invoice the total volume to the device owners and not to those who actually use the printers.

      Due to rules and legislation we are not allowed to pull reports down to employee level, so it has to be made on department level. When I look through the standard reports from Blueprint (we're using 4.2) there might be one which could fit their demands, it's called "Total Cost Per Employee - Color / Mono" and can be made on Department Group.


      But I'm not quite satisifed with it and I'm not fully convinced, here are a couple of remarks/questions from my side,

      - The report is generating data from the last 3 months, is it possible to have it for just one month?

      - When I generate the report, the currency is shown in SEK, and I need it to be in EUR. How can that be changed?

      - We would have more than a ton of different departments, is it possible to schedule and automate the reports and have them uploaded to a share?


      Then I have another issue which I believe is the biggest issue for us...  We have roughly 30000 employees and re-organize the company every 18 months or so, in addition to this, people are switching departments back and forth, people leave and new people comes.

      With our one-time read from Active Directory (User added when Registered the first time) the data would be terribly wrong after just a few months, and we would need to adjust the invoices very often, the administration would be killing. Is there any known ways to script this/using a tool, to get the data from Active Directory, let's say once or twice a month, which also update the Cost Center and Department Group entry in the Blueprint Database for each employee?


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          Hi Niklas.


          Can you upgrade to Blueprint 5.2?  This would give you the new data warehouse and the new reports.  It is possible that the new reports could help you.  If not, you would have the ability to connect your own reporting tools to the data warehouse to slice and dice the data as you wish.  Furthermore, we could provide you with a utility for extracting data from the warehouse in CSV format grouped on department within a specified date range.


          5.2 also fixes issues with local currency.


          I will look into your request for Active Directory scripting.


          Thank you,