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    MobilePrint IMAP Certificate Error

    Timothy Grzeczka Pioneer

      I've started to setup MobilePrint and I run into this error for our IMAP setup:


      I checked and IMAP is on.

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          Nic Meadows Ranger

          Is the SSL certificate that is on the IMAP server one that is self issued? i.e. Issued by your establishment rather than a Root Certificate authority? If so you'll need to add the Certificate Issuer as a trusted Root Authority on the server running mobile print.

          Ask the issuer for the Root CA cert then


          Install the certificate


          On Microsoft Windows

          1. Open Microsoft Management Console (Start --> Run --> mmc.exe);
          2. Choose File --> Add/Remove Snap-in;
          3. In the Standalone tab, choose Add;
          4. Choose the Certificates snap-in, and click Add;
          5. In the wizard, choose the Computer Account, and then choose Local Computer. Press Finish to end the wizard;
          6. Close the Add/Remove Snap-in dialog;
          7. Navigate to Certificates (Local Computer)
          8. Choose a store to import:
            1. If you have the Root CA certificate for the company that issued the certificate, choose Trusted Root Certification Authorities;
            2. If you have the certificate for the server itself, choose Other People
          9. Right-click the store and choose All Tasks --> Import
          10. Follow the wizard and provide the certificate file you have;