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    Encourage Change

    Korey Owens Wayfarer

      I'm sure others have run into roadblocks when implementing a solution like Pharos. Has anyone come across marketing material that encourages print behavior changes for users?

      Material Examples... Green initiatives, workflow improvements, secure benefits etc.....

      Perhaps Pharos already has something?

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          Timothy Grzeczka Pioneer

          During our first year, we ran reports on waste (declined cost acceptance, jobs that timed out in Secure Release, etc.) and for every box of paper we saved we placed an empty paper box in front of our Support Center. By the end of the year, we had rows of boxes. We saved over a million pages that year. Our slogan for the campaign was "Go Green...Print Lean".

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            Scott Olswold Guide

            In a previous life, I implemented a print management/cost recovery solution for a US-based private university. Prior to deployment, IT reported a $180,000 spend in toner for the previous year. Based on the savings in toner spend within the first 6 months after deployment, they were able to justify a refresh of machines in a major computer lab (100 desktops) 2 years ahead of a 5-year schedule without adding any money to the budget. The solution wasn't Pharos-based, but it's really less about the specific technology and more about the larger desire to change behavior by "making print real" (so to speak) to the end user. I like Timothy's showcase...it is a visual with huge impact.

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              gschwartz Tracker

              Here's a brochure from Konica Minolta... the second and third pages give details on major benefits of switching over.  (Third page is specific to higher education environments.)