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Problem installing Pharos Windows package

Question asked by gschwartz on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by gschwartz

This is a very weird problem that hopefully someone else has seen before.  I have a user who had a Uniprint (v8.4) print package installed and was printing fine, then all of a sudden the printer disappeared from her PC.  I went over there to reinstall it, and the package ran and installed without any errors.  The printer even showed up in Devices & Printers, but when you try to print, you get an error.


The weird thing is, if I open the Services window on her PC, Pharos isn't listed at all.  Usually there's at least "Pharos Systems ComTaskManager" but there are no Pharos services listed.  Restarting the print spooler and uninstalling/reinstalling the print package did not help at all.  Running the pop-up client from her PC shows no information populated at all.


The printer itself works fine, and prints as normal from my laptop.  The print package seems fine too... I installed that without issue on my laptop and used it, and even rebuilt the package just for grins.  I'm heading back over there this afternoon for more troubleshooting, but I was wondering if anyone has come across a similar issue before.  I've seen a lot of different problems installing the print packages, but none like this.  She's running Windows 7, and I'll check if there are any AV/AM programs getting in the way today.


Thanks in advance for any insight.