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    UniPrint error 29062

    Jim Conroy Adventurer

      We have been seeing errors for printjobs

      Error 29062 Error releasing print job: Job failed to release on a Printer:  [1 Retries] The LPR command did not receive an acknowledgement from the LPD server ''.


      Is this something that can might be addressed by increasing the secure


      UniPrint 9.0

      hotfix PrintServer/Secure release update to rel 119



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          Scott Olswold Guide


          This means that when Uniprint is attempting to send the job to the printer via the Secure Release Service (SRS), the printer is either failing to respond to our initial SNMP status check, or the response is coming in outside of the timeout window. If you have a situation where SNMP transmission is potentially being blocked, this can happen. My suggestion is to disable SNMP state check for the device (look under the Devices management context) and retry. The message will go away and your patrons will be happier for it.




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            Jeff Geller Guide

            Hi Jim,


            You may also want to have a look at this KB Article we have that discusses how to test LPR connectivity to a device. The message looks like it was trying a connection to the device on port 515 but the device did not respond.


            All Products: Testing a Device's Support of the LPD Protocol



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