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    Bypass Tray Pricing

    Mike Pullin Wayfarer

      We just realized that we are charging the same for printing from a paper tray as we are from the bypass tray even though printing through the bypass tray is using their paper not ours.  Do any of you charge differently for bypass tray printing?  If so, how do you do it?  I don't see a setting to handle that.



      Mike Pullin


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          Chris Axtell Navigator

          Hi Mike,


          We charge the same per page cost regardless of if the customer supplies their own paper in the manual feed tray, or use the paper supplied by the organization. The majority of the cost of printing is not the actual cost of the paper, its everything else. A 20 lb. case of letter size paper is around $32.03 ± depending upon market conditions and specific type of paper purchased which calculates out to something around $0.00641 cents per sheet. So rounding up, since we're not banks, this comes down to a $0.01 component cost which is less than the cost of toner, maintenance kits, hardware life-cycle, etc.


          If this is something you want to offer you can use the Pharos Per Page Attribute Cost method and set the "*, ManualFeed" cost value to provide the appropriate discount to the patron providing their own paper. You'll need remember to adjust the attribute cost for all the various ManualFeed options relevant for your environment.


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