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HP Pagewide XL

Question asked by Yadin Flammer on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by Paul LaFollette

Has anyone per chance gotten their hands on any of the new HP Pagewide devices?  Particularly the monster XL systems?  We're on track to get an XL 5000 and are trying to anticipate how to use it with Pharos.  We have Argos trying to sell us their solution claiming they are the only thing that works with these new devices, but I have doubts about that.  We expect printing will work fine with Uniprint, but we've never dealt with tracking copier functions before and this beast is a 40" copy machine apparently since it's print and scan and copy in table format.  I'm also not clear if we can just plug in some Pharos iMFP module to this thing for Uniprint or if we need Off-The_Glass first.


Any experience or info would be great!