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    Pharos Uniprint Scripting Tools

    Nic Meadows Ranger

      I use Notepad++ to write Pharos scripts and I've recently updated my syntax highlighting and Autocomplete files for Uniprint v9.0. Thought I'd post them here in case they are useful to anyone else.



      Notepad++ Pharos Script Language Syntax Highlighting and AutoComplete (Intellisense)



      - Copy the Pharos v9.0.xml file into the C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins\APIs folder

      - In Notepad++ Select Language >> Define your language

      - In the User Defined Language Window select "Import" and browse to the "Pharos v9.0 Notepad Lang Def.xml" and import. Close the UDL window when complete.

      - In Notepad++ Select Settings >> Preferences

      - Select Auto-Completion

      - Check "Enable Auto-Completion on each input" and choose between "Function Completion" OR "Function and Word Completion".

      - Change "From 2th Character"

      - Check Function parameters hint on input

      - Restart Notepad++



      - As Pharos scripts use the .txt extension it is required to select the Pharos Language option rather than configuring Notepad++ to always use Pharos Defined Language as default for ALL .txt files.

      - Open a new file.

      - Select Language >> Pharos v9.0