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    Pharos API and Print Center on UP 9.0/Windows 10

    Gary Conway Wayfarer

      I saw that Uniprint 9.0 R2 Update 2 added support to install Print Center on Windows 10 and that both Pharos API and Print Center web components can now be installed on Windows 10.  What about Uniprint 9.0 installations that are not on R2 Update 2?  Also, since Print Center runs on server 2008 R2 (which is what we are running it on), if we upgraded our clients to Windows 10, would it still work?  Thanks.  Gary @ BPL

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          Steven English Guide

          Gary Conway,


          As long as you are not planning to migrate the print server(s) running the API service over to Windows 10 nor the MobilePrint services unless you have upgraded to version 2.1 (which requires upgrading Uniprint to 9.0 R2), you will be fine.  In short, version 8.4 and newer supports Uniprint Popup clients and Pharos SignUp clients running Windows 10, so you should be fine with upgrading your workstations.  Please see additional details below regarding the server components.


          At this time, Windows 10 is not officially supported for hosting the Pharos API web services regardless of whether you are on 9.0 or 9.0 R2.  All other components of both versions - support Windows 10, and MobilePrint 2.1 also supports Windows 10 though it requires Uniprint 9.0 R2.  See https://community.pharos.com/docs/DOC-2502.


          You mentioned that Print Center runs on server 2008 R2, but keep in mind there is no guarantee that the Pharos API is on the same machine.  As such, be aware that the Print Center web site is NOT the same as the underlying Pharos API web service.  It is possible to have the Pharos API installed on the same server, but it is generally recommended to have the Pharos API installed on a separate machine from the Print Center web site and implementing the application request routing (ARR) feature of IIS to redirect the web requests to the API server.  Since the API is registered as a service in the Pharos Administrator and requires the Pharos Print Server service as well, you should be able to easily determine which servers have the API installed if you look under System > Server Configuration in the Pharos Admin.




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