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Greyed-out grants when one is at its user limit

Question asked by Bill Kasper on Mar 2, 2016

A graduate student user contacted us about why he couldn't print or copy.  When he printed using our direct print popup (authenticate/fund/get output from the desktop) he couldn't select either of the two grants that he supposedly has access to.


One of the grants has $0 balance and balance is not enforced, so it's equivalent to a basic cost center with no limits.


The other is actually a grant with a total of $99999, and about $3K used.  Each user is granted a limited amount (in his case $36), and when they get to that user limit they can ask their department for more funds.  This user had used his entire limit of $36, and so could rightly NOT select the grant from his cost center list either at the direct print popup or at the iMFP touchscreen.


However, once the user limit was reached within the one grant, *both* grants became unusable.  It seems to reason that he should have been able to use the grant with $0 balance/no enforcement, as it's billed as a cost center monthly and is meant to be uncontrolled.  What causes Uniprint to lock down all grants if one grant user limit has been reached?