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    Pharos Org Chart?

    Bill Kasper Guide

      Something that came out of discussion with Aaron, Michael (Kiseob), Rachel, and Rich at the conference this week is that there have been a lot of changes internally at Pharos over the past year, and at times those have had not-so-positive customer service outcomes.


      Can Pharos please provide a current org chart for everyone, so we know who does what where, and at what level of the Pharos hierarchy?  Much like a piece of software under development, it helps to know how all the pieces fit together, especially when particular problems arise.


      Lindsay, as with my previous discussion about the conference, if this could be moved to a place where all can see it, rather than just those with Uniprint forum access, it'd be appreciated.




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          Rachel Deaton Navigator

          Thank you so much for your post, Bill! Our Management team is working on putting together an external org chart and we will get that out to you as soon as we can. We really appreciate your concern on this and agree... going forward we will work harder to keep you updated on personnel changes within Pharos and make sure to post these updates accordingly.