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Package Definitions - not taking all printer settings??

Question asked by brad on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by Michael Wozniak

Hi guys,


We've recently come across an issue when patrons are printing (primarily) PDFs, usually from a web-based email "preview" window, instead of opening the document in Acrobat Reader, for example. Working with our print support techs, we discovered that there was a couple of things that could be done to help avoid the issue. Firstly, there's a new printer firmware available for the machines which will help reduce the issue, and secondly (and the more relevant part of my question here), is that you can change the default print settings in the driver to print "TrueType as Bitmap" (Printing Preferences > Advanced > Document Options > Specify Font > Setup).


Now, I've configured this on the server drivers, and all looks OK. However, when I re-package the Definitions based on the modified driver, this particular setting isn't carried across into the package.


The printers in question are Xerox ApeosPort-V C3373 (it's actually a mix of those and B&W versions of the same printer, but they use the same driver, and we have the issue with both). We're on Pharos 8.2.6005.242. The Print Queue is configured to Copy Printer Settings.


Not sure what else there is I can check/do? Starting to think we may need to see about tracking things down to see if there's a reg-key that drives this particular setting, and roll that out to all the PCs to get the updated setting onto them... but that option is somewhat less than ideal.