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    Uniprint 8.4 not enforcing grant limit

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      Hi all,


      I'm sure this question has a simple answer but I haven't found it yet.  The accounting/business department here will sometimes archive cost centers without letting me know, leaving some users without the ability to print until they obtain a new cost center.  That's not a big deal, but because scanning requires logging in to the MFPs it also prevents them from scanning when they don't have a valid cost center.


      I've tried to work around this limitation to set up a scan-only cost center with a limit of $0.01 (less than the cost of one copy or print) just to assign to users temporarily so they can log in to scan until they receive a new cost center.  However, upon testing this scan-only cost center, it allows me to make copies, even though I don't have the available funds.



      I have Enforce Budget Limit enabled... are there any other required settings to prevent charging more than is available?  Thanks in advance.  We have Uniprint 8.4.

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          Bill Kasper Guide

          Greg, we've run into the same problem, and it seems to be down to the relationship between the device and Pharos, insofar as how the device permits itself to operate within the parameters it receives about account balance from Pharos.  That is, if there's a positive balance, they can use the device using the logic of the device.  We always run over on our Canons (these are all old legacy machines, nothing more recent than 2009, so ymmv if you're using something obtained in the last year or two), as they can't be set to stop when the Pharos account runs out of money; our Ricohs can, but they often go one copy too many.  I haven't figured out why it works only sometimes, but at least they can't set up a job for 1000 pages with 10¢ in their account and make all of them, most at a deficit.  I assume you were only able to make one copy, yes?


          We just live with it.  We went back and forth with Pharos when we first got this back in 2011, and with the manufacturers, and no amount of settings changes could seem to conquer it.  As far as I can tell, it's still the same in 9, too.


          When I originally set up our system I was going to set up a scan-only account, but realized, in the absence of a selection in the "Device Functions" for "Scan only", I think you might just have to live with it.  At least you'll only lose 7¢ per scan instance (though you'll have to reset everyone each time they go negative...).


          Good luck!


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              gschwartz Tracker

              Thanks Bill Kasper, appreciate the info.  We run mainly Sharps here, so that's all I've tested it on so far.  I only tested the cost center with 1 copy, didn't try multi-copy jobs but after running 1 copy it will prevent me from running a new job.  But that's good to know that it varies with device... gives me something to work on to see if there's any way around it.  Thanks for the help!