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    Beacon & Fiery devices

    Richard Post Guide

      Does Beacon support capturing information on fiery devices ?  If so, which ones ?


      Aaron Johnson heard at the conference that it may have something to do with firmware versions.  Can someone elaborate and benefit the community ?



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          Currently, Beacon restricts Fiery's at the scout level to avoid double-counting, assuming the underlying device is directly connected to the network and is discoverable by the device scout. If the underlying device is connected to the Fiery in pass-through mode, then the Fiery would need to report the make/model/serial of the underlying device to avoid getting filtered by the scout.


          A good example of pass-through is the Ricoh Pro C720/C720s production print system which uses a server-based Fiery controller. On this model the Fiery passes through the identity of the Ricoh so Beacon is able to recognize it as the C720s.


          Therefore, it's not so much specific Fiery versions that Beacon can support, but how it happens to be configured. Aaron Johnson, do you have a bunch of Fiery's that aren't getting reported in Beacon?



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              ajohnsuw Scout

              Hi Jesse,


              We don't have C720's. We do have several printers that have a machine that sits between the network and the printer, I assume this is a "pass-through" as you referred to?


              I don't mange those printers or workstations, what information would you need?