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Sharp OSA and iMFP

Question asked by Ricky Johnson on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by gschwartz

We are testing some iMFP version across a couple of copiers (Sharp and Ricoh; we already have HP).  For the Sharp iMFP, it's basically just a web page displayed on the Sharp through their OSA.  In order to work, you are supposed to create a new ApplicationPool in IIS (I'm running version 8.5) and configure it to connect.  The Sharp device continues to spit out the error "Cannot connect to authentication server".  I'm testing it on the web server, and am encountering issues as well.  When trying to go to the Login.aspx page, I get 'Value cannot be null.  Parameter name: key'.  I've already had to tweak the Web.config to work with .NET v4.0 (I get this same message on v2.0), but I can't seem to get this part to work and just test the login.


Anyone else use Sharp iMFP and can provide some insight?


-Ricky Johnson