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Uniprint Site License and the Enterprise

Question asked by Richard Post on Feb 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by Bill Kasper

This question is brought up often by our customers and I know that many of you have handled these struggles before.  Basically, once a University has a Uniprint Site License and can have as many installations and as many printers as they want, there are a bunch of questions an organization needs to ask itself.


  1. Which areas can this product help us, or where does it belong (which college or colleges, which department, student area, back office, etc) ?
    • If you have done this already, what was decided, and why ?  If not the entire university, why not ?
  2. How will this product be managed (centrally with some group owning the whole thing, divided where each area has their own separate system, or some sort of hybrid) ?
    • If you have done this already, what did you do, and why ?  Is it working out for you ?  What would you do different ?
  3. If multiple areas are being represented, how does each one cover the costs of the solution and its output (division by devices, pages output, as a percentage, or as flat fees/page) ?


If you have a site license, please answer these questions for your environment, and ask others that I have left out.   If you are considering a site license, I hope that this question provokes some internal discussions and you end up with the best possible solution.  This forum, and especially this topic, is to assist our customers with learning the challenges that others have overcome and help bring each other the best solutions possible.


As part of the Pharos Optimization team, we are committed to our customers getting the most out of our products.  If you would like to participate in this discussion, but would like to remain anonymous, I'd be happy to scrub your response and post it anonymously.   If you have any questions or concerns about your solution doing the most it can, please reach out and contact us directly at