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    Reclaim Printer License

    Beverly Scott Newbie

      Hello All,


      Is it possible to reclaim printer license?   If so, is there a knowledge base article?   A department informed me that they no longer wanted to use Pharos in their lab, they have 3-printer license which I would like to reclaim and use for other purposes.  Such as setting up a test lab and I could use a few spare license.


      Thank you in advance for your time and efforts.



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          Steven English Guide

          Beverly Scott,


          You can deactivate a printer in Pharos Administrator which will remove associations with release stations and the like and then free up the license.  See the screen shot below to see where to go in the Admin.  Just change the drop down from yes to no, then accept the warning message about disconnecting it all.  If you decide to reactivate it later, you will need to manually re-associate the release stations and so forth.  Once deactivated, you can activate the print devices you may have already added, or create new ones and activate them.





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