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    PDF print problems on Xerox 4510

    Jim Conroy Adventurer

      We have an environment that has mixed printers Phaser 4510 and Phaser 4620 that we would like use a common print driver for printing.

      Currently we are using the Xerox Globial Print driver PS under Unitprint 9.0


      For the 4620's this works well.  We have been seeing problems printing some pdf files where the last page does not print.


      Does anyone have a recommended driver for this environment.




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          Steven English Guide

          Jim Conroy,


          Have you verified that you are running a current version of the print server / SecureRelease service hotfix?  An update was made to address the last part of a job getting dropped as well as a reg key to allow you to tweak it.  You could also try switching from from RAW to LPR under the device config in Pharos Admin.  Though I have seen issues with LPR printing to Xerox devices, I have also seen them work without any trouble.  If you are already on RAW and have the hotfix applied, perhaps the timeout could be increased as described below.






          Link to hotfixes... Uniprint Service Packs and Hot Fixes

          From the readme... Uniprint 9.0 Print Services Revision 119

          Under certain conditions when delivering print jobs via the RAW protocol, part or occasionally all of the print job would not be output at the device. This occurs more when combining certain printer drivers with certain devices. The Secure Release Service has been updated to add a small delay to the closure of the connection to the device at the end of the print communication to ensure the job is fully delivered. The delay is 5 seconds by default. The duration of the delay can be altered if desired.

          To amend the default close-connection-delay, create the following new registry key:


          Set the Default entry under this key to the new override value. This value is defined in seconds.


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            John Siegel Guide

            Hi Jim,


                       Although it simplifies things from a support perspective we've found that the Xerox Global driver can cause issues vs. using the device specific driver. We also experimented with using RAW protocol and in our environments we eventually switched everything over to LPR with PS drivers and 99 percent of our problems disappeared. Our environment at CU is 100 % Xerox units, a mix of MFD's and Phasers. Although we don't currently have any 4510's onsite, we have used them in the past. Work-arounds for printing PDF's on those units when we did experience issues was to use the print as image function, change the language level setting or use the full version of Acrobat, which has much more bandwidth than the reader when it comes to backwards compatibility. Keep in mind that older PDF's may have compatibility issues with the current version of Adobe reader. There are a myriad of software companies that now produce PDF software, Nuance for example, that don't always work and play well with Adobe Reader. If we are having problems with printing PDF's via a web interface then the golden rule is "download to the desktop, then print!"