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Faulty PCs in 9.0 R2

Question asked by Adam Demeter on Jan 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by Adam Demeter

So, I have a strange issue going on since updating to 9.0 R2 from 8.4. We have about 170+ PCs in our library, and another 50+ PCs in a different building on our campus. When PCs (in either location) show faulty in the Nerve Center, students are not assigned a PC (which is understandable, we had this issue in 8.4). However, in 8.4 we would have maybe 1 or 2 PCs become faulty, we would reboot the PC, and all was well. Since 9.0 R2, we will have up to 30 PCs becoming faulty (random, never the same ones). We found the faulty PCs that were not being used, went into an idle state (PC never went to sleep or hibernate, and the screen was still on). Once we moved the mouse, about 1-2 seconds later, the PC is no longer faulty in the Nerve Center, and automatically assigns a student to that PC.


I have been working with Pharos Tech support on the issue, but we have come up with nothing so far. I supplied them when log files from multiple PCs, and they see there is a point when the PC and the server cannot not talk to each other, and therefor the server marks the PC as faulty, but we are not sure why this is happening. Pharos says there is nothing different between 8.4 and 9.0 R2 in the way the PCs talk to the server, but I am beginning to think otherwise. I am having my Net Engineers looking for dropped packets and other network anomalies, but they have not come back with anything yet.


So my question to the community is: Has anybody else seen anything similar to this? And if so, what was the fix?


Just as side note, I had posted about another issue with our SignUp stations where they are taking between 20-40 seconds to assign a PC or place in the queue. Pharos Tech support says the faulty PC issue could be related, but again, not much help coming from tech support.