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    Disabling Print Center 3.0 Admin Tab

    Andrew Bosworth Newbie

      We recently upgraded to PrintCenter 3.0 and I see it has a new admin tab for admin and cashier accounts so they can add money and edit Pharos accounts.  However, since our print center website is available outside our building we would like to disable this feature for our cashier accounts due to the security risk of someone guessing the username and password and altering records.  Has anyone else explored this option?  Do you edit the html or asp files so that it hides the admin tab from cashier accounts or is there a permission that can completely disable the feature?  We still want the ability for cashiers to internally add money to accounts using Pharos Remote.  Thanks for your help!


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          Rojaa Matlakunta Navigator



          Unfortunately there is no specific permission to disable this Admin feature. Under Pharos Administrator, the Permissions context facilitates to adjust permissions for each particular role, but those permissions are been used across all clients components like Pharos Administrator, Pharos Remote and also by Pharos Print Center. For instance, if you disable User Accounts permissions for a Cashier Role, then it disables that functionality under Pharos Remote application too.


          Regarding customizing Print Center pages: Well, you can amend index.html but it applies to everyone just not for Cashier Role. Please refer following screen to hide Users tab, but it hides the tab for all admin users like cashiers, proctors, sub-admin and administrators too.


          At this stage, only solution is to index.html in order to hide respective tabs. It is found under <install path>\Pharos\PrintCenter\WebApp, please take a backup of index.html before modification.


          If you want to hide entire "Admin" tab, then refer following:


          I will pass this request to Product Owner for further action.




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            Richard Post Guide

            I think that the more readily supported solution would be to make sure that cashiers and Admins have special accounts that are not the same as their standard user role accounts.  If you have this in place, you can set the logon script at the bank to only allow user level accounts into Print Center, therefore never showing any of the Admin tabs.   For admin modifications to the theme and such, you would switch the logon event, make the changes, and switch it back.


            That said, if you really want to modify the HTML using Rojaa Matlakunta's modifications, please make a backup copy, document your changes, and test before releasing to your users.


            Please also note that any updates to the Pharos web pages may wipe out your changes and you'll need to re-apply them.

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