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Disabling Print Center 3.0 Admin Tab

Question asked by Andrew Bosworth on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by Richard Post

We recently upgraded to PrintCenter 3.0 and I see it has a new admin tab for admin and cashier accounts so they can add money and edit Pharos accounts.  However, since our print center website is available outside our building we would like to disable this feature for our cashier accounts due to the security risk of someone guessing the username and password and altering records.  Has anyone else explored this option?  Do you edit the html or asp files so that it hides the admin tab from cashier accounts or is there a permission that can completely disable the feature?  We still want the ability for cashiers to internally add money to accounts using Pharos Remote.  Thanks for your help!


Andrew Bosworth

West Hartford Libraries

West Hartford, CT 06107