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Print Center on Mobile Browsers

Question asked by Mike Bate on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by John Siegel

Hi all,


I have been testing Print Center on Uniprint 9.0 R2 over the past few days and have been very impressed with the tools overall.  We have run into an issue which appears to affect Android and Windows Mobile browsers (Chrome, IE Mobile) running the mobile format Print Center 3.0.  When users click the Activity tab link, they see the progress icon animation appear, but it takes a long time, if ever at all to see the activity list:


In the meantime, the other links and options are locked up and it becomes very difficult to get back to the Job List.  We do not see this on desktop browsers, or Safari on iOS, and the Pharos Print application works without issue also.  If we choose the desktop format site option, the job list also works as expected.  Is there a known issue, or might we have an issue in our environment?