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    Password Limitations

    Robert Richards Scout

      I have recently had several users passwords fail authentication to our mobile print website and it is evident that there are some characters that cannot be used.  Does anyone have a feel for what characters work and what characters will not work?




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          Steve Yount Adventurer

          I would be interested in seeing an "official" list as well. We have seen this in the past with Secure Release, but reduced the number of cases by adding a few special characters to the list of characters not permitted to be used in a password. I don't remember what they are, but I do know that the policy says:

          • The following special characters can NOT be used: _ ` < > & ! . ,


          Once or twice a year we still see someone with a password that doesn't work with Secure Release. Without knowing their password I can't see what the problem is, but I have suspected that position of a special character can sometimes make a difference as well.

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              Jeff Geller Guide

              Hi All,


              When using one of the Uniprint Authentication plug-ins (ADLDAPLogin.exe or LDAPLogon.exe) directly on the Logon Event of the Bank there is no limitation on the password requirements.  It is when you have a Pharos Script that calls one of the Authentication plug-ins that there is a need to escape the " (double quote) and \ (backslash) characters.


              If you are using a Pharos Script I recommend contacting Pharos Support with the script and a sample password that contains the characters a user may be having troubles with.  We can provide an update to the script that handles the escaping of passwords that contain a " or \ and wrap the whole password in double quotes.



              Pharos Support

              Jeff Geller

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                  Paul LaFollette Guide

                  Jeff Geller,


                  We're using PC based release stations and use a script called "NTLogonAddToDb" that we had obtained from Pharos from a few Uniprint versions back.  I modified it a while back to better handle passwords with special characters in it, however there are still a number of special characters and character combinations that users have come up that still cause it to fail.


                  Any chance the script you're referring to is the same script or one very similar?    I'd love to improve the password handling some more.



                  - Paul L.


                  P.S. Thank you Robert Richards for starting this thread.

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                    Steven English Guide

                    EDIT:  As per Jeff Geller, when the executable is applied to a plugin event, Pharos automatically handles escaping of the backslash and the double quote. 
                    As such, the behavior below is expected and prevents the plugin from escaping escaped characters when potentially already handled in a script.


                    I just tested this using adldaplogon.exe version 9.0.8959.30 and I have to escape the quote when testing from the command line.  I did not test whether it would fail when connected as an executable plugin on a logon event, but when testing from the command line, a  password of  <trac"1234> must be entered as <trac\"1234> in order to authenticate successfully.



                    adldaplogon.exe out.txt trace pharostest trac\"1234

                    adldaplogon.exe out.txt trace pharostest "trac\"1234"


                    adldaplogon.exe out.txt trace pharostest trac"1234

                    adldaplogon.exe out.txt trace pharostest "trac"1234"

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                    Steven English Guide

                    Steve Yount,


                    The following page describes which characters to avoid, but none are listed for 9.0.  Keyboard Characters to NOT use for Pharos passwords  You can see the post from Jeff Geller down below that identifies two characters that should be escaped in scripts.




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