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Pharos Blueprint in a multiforest environment

Question asked by Nikolay Karetnikov on Jan 18, 2016
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I'd like to bring up the subj. We have a perspective customer who is interesting in a card solution. This is one of the largest oil companies in Russia. They have currently installed Ringdale's solution, but actively seeking for alternatives. The thing is they have three AD forests and as they say no trust relationships whatsoever between those AD instances. The million dollar question is, will BP allow them to use "follow me" feature for each and every employee regardless of its AD membership (they envision sharing an MFP between different forest users).

I currently see it as follows. An Analyst in the domain A with a csv imported lists of samaccountname from all other forests and a fleet connecting to the Analyst\Collectors using https protocol and non AD related pharos\pharos can actually do it, but the biggest concern is the other AD forests' users with the identical samaccountname, which is said they have a lot of.

Could you please correct me if I'm wrong on my understanding how BP works in multiple forests environment and elaborate on the identical samaccountname issue?



ps. If BP behavior in such a scenario varies from one version to other, we would be happy to use any of BP 5.x