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    Omega PS150's flipping image

    John Siegel Guide

      We have some PS150 Omegas we still are using that on occasion spontaneously "flip" the screen orientation. It inverts the screen image so that it appears upside down and backwards. . We can reset it back to normal using the remote control, but I was curious to know if anyone else has experienced this, and if so were they able to determine the root cause.





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          Jeff Geller Guide

          Hi John,


          Interesting, I have only heard of this happening a few times in the last 8.5 years.  Root cause was never determined but one customer had put a sign up in the area of the Omega device that the "Area is being monitored by security cameras" and they never saw the problem again.  We speculate that someone had a device or one of those little remote controls and was walking around changing the screens.


          I have not seen a PS150 get to the point of hardware failure where this happens infrequently or frequently.  It is triggered, as far as I know by some IR signal it gets from something.


          Alternatively, you could upgrade the PS150 to a PS200 which does not have this problem.



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          Jeff Geller