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Omega PS200 terminals locking up

Question asked by gschwartz on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by John Siegel

Has anyone else who uses the Omega PS200 terminals had any issues with them locking up or freezing?  We've had this problem with several.  First they will start by showing a red LED instead of a green one, but everything will still work fine.  Then, a couple weeks or maybe a month later, they will start locking up at random, sometimes once a day, sometimes more.  It seems to be a power issue with the extension DC power cables that are supplied with the loom, because if you plug the terminal directly into the main power cable (which has a different connector head) the issues go away.


This has happened on 4 terminals so far, all of which work fine plugged into the power adapter itself rather than the extended cord.  Firmware makes no difference; it's happened on terminals running 1.0.1 rev. 10955 as well as rev. 11518.


Has anyone else seen this issue?