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    Pharos Authentication Agent Error

    Andrew Wynbissinger Tracker

      I am receiving the following error:


      "Unable to contact the Pharos application server. Check to see that the device is connected to the network and that the network connecting LED  is blinking. If problem persist, contact an administrator for assistance. Error#200.2"


      I have tried restarting and that did not resolve the issue.  I can print a test page to the device from the pharos administrator.



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          Jeff Geller Guide

          Hi Andrew,


          The error you see on the panel of the HP iMFP device is a result of the devices inability to connect to the Pharos HP iMFP Application service running on the server you installed the HP iMFP Application Service on.


          The 200.2 error indicates that the printer is unable to establish a connection to it's parent server.  There are a couple possible causes of this error, the most likely being that the printer does not have valid DNS server IP addresses entered into its network configuration or DNS returns an incorrect IP Address for the hostname.


          First, can you login to the printer and double check its TCP v4 settings to assure the DNS settings are correct.


          Second, You can verify that the Pharos HP iMFP Application Service is running by using a browser on the server and the below URL.



          Or from a workstation you can try the same URL but substitute 'localhost' for the servers actual hostname.  You should see something like the below in the browser, this means the application is functional.




          Pharos Support

          Jeff Geller