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Pharos Life Cycle support policy (Uniprint 8.3 / MobilePrint 1.3.2)

Question asked by Francois Grenier on Dec 15, 2015

Has anyone received information about when support for Uniprint 8.3 and MobilePrint 1.3.2 will be retired?  The Pharos Product Life Cycle Support Policy only mentions this:


"A release will maintain Mature Support status until Pharos Systems retires that release. The decision to retire a release is based on factors including the current Pharos’ product portfolio and new technology that may cause the release to function incorrectly."


No commitment on when a product in a "Extended" or "Mature" support state will be retired, nor any commitment on how long in advance a change of support state will be made...  We are planning to upgrade to the latest version in the coming year, but I am getting a little worried about the timing!


Pharos Product Life Cycle Support Policy



Thank you!

-=Francois Grenier

McGill University