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    JSTOR printing issues - Pharos-related?

    Bill Kasper Guide

      Is anyone having printing issues when users are secure printing downloaded PDFs from the JSTOR digital library to a Pharos-enabled MFD (Ricoh, in this case)?


      Customers have recently been having problems with long spool and long print times (15 minutes for a 13 page document, etc.).  I don't know if it's the way they're downloading the PDF for printing (or printing from their browser), if it's the OS they're using vs. the installed secure print driver, or if there's an issue with the Ricoh itself.


      Any help is appreciated

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          Scott Olswold Guide



          If the end users "Print as Image" from the Acrobat print dialog box (sometimes, this can be the setting even without realizing it; it happened to me just last week) that can affect things. This setting prompts Acrobat to render the entire page contents to whatever resolution (as selected) bitmap, and bitmaps are much larger than native document data.



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              Bill Kasper Guide

              Scott, I'll ask.  I doubt it, though, since they've been successfully printing for a while on other devices, as well as to this until the last few weeks.  It's also possibly a JSTOR issue.


              The other thing that's happening (it's an MPC2003) is they log in, select their funding method, and it kicks them back to the "Touch or Swipe" screen.  We've seen that on a number of MPC2003s, and have had to (twice) do multiple wipes and reloads of the system software of the Ricoh, then reload Pharos.  That's the first thing we're going to do here.  I've had a ticket in for this (last year in the Spring, IIRC), and sent logs, etc., to tech, and while that particular unit finally stopped doing it, twice more it's happened on different units.  So we wipe and reload until it works.  A hassle, but ultimately much easier than me trying to figure out what's what with tech, due to the time commitment.