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    loading BB data for student accounts in pharos database

    robert guess Newbie

           has any one had experience loading data from blackboard to create user accounts for pharos database. i need to figure this out for a mobile print deployment.


      any help is appriciated.


      thanks robert.

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          John Siegel Guide

          Hi Robert,


                           You should be able to import a csv file. There is a plethora of info available in the Pharos Community site that can help you through the process. Go to search and type in  "import csv data" . That will get you started. We use CBORD, but I would bet that the import process is pretty standard. It may be more practical to populate via an LDAP or AD query.







          BTW - We currently use a script that populates the user data in the Pharos DB via an LDAP query the first time they swipe their student card (referred to at CU as a Buff OneCard). The original purpose was to populate user accounts in the Pharos DB with an email address for use with Mobileprint. Prior to that we didn't use the internal Pharos DB at all, just the bank DB.