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Tracking printers across disparate systems

Question asked by David Alexander on Dec 4, 2015

Ohio University currently tracks, monitors, and manages printers in multiple systems:

  • Windows print servers (printing)
  • Pharos print servers (printing and reporting)
  • HP Web JetAdmin (monitoring)
  • Xerox CentreWare Web (monitoring)
  • FM Audit (metering and monitoring)


We have experienced problems with reconciling and relating transactional and other information across these systems as they each track devices differently. 


How are other organizations tracking and reconciling printer information across multiple systems:

  • Not at all?
  • By physical machine characteristic (e.g. MAC address or serial number)
  • By non-permanent machine identifier (e.g. IP address or print queue name)
  • By some other characteristic (e.g. vendor or institution-generated machine ID)


If your institution is tracking or has evaluated tracking printers/copiers by physical machine characteristic (MAC address or serial number), what are the pros and cons of this approach from your perspective?