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    Uniprint 9.0 not printing complete job

    Jason Watkins Adventurer



      Our Pharos printer is not printing the complete job when it is released from the workstation. We've tried using both PCL and PS drivers with no changes. There are no error messages displayed on the printing computer or the release station itself. I can't find any logs on the pharos server that show any errors. Any ideas what it could be?


      Uniprint 9.0





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          John Siegel Guide

          Hi Jason,


                        Have you checked for errors in the alerts section of Pharos administrator? Are you running a direct print release or secured release system? What OS are you running? Is the job printing from a desktop or via a web browser? What type of document is it, pdf, doc, etc. ? Are the jobs being submitted via "traditional" driver based printing or through Mobileprint?



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            Katherine Baynton Ranger

            Hi. I thought I'd just check: are you running the latest Print Services hot fix for 9.0?  There was a change added, with notes from the Readme file as follows:

            Under certain conditions when delivering print jobs via the RAW protocol, part or occasionally all of the print job would not be output at the device. This occurs more when combining certain printer drivers with certain devices. The Secure Release Service has been updated to add a small delay to the closure of the connection to the device at the end of the print communication to ensure the job is fully delivered. The delay is 5 seconds by default. The duration of the delay can be altered if desired.


            The hot fixes are here: Uniprint Service Packs and Hot Fixes