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ISS redirect rules on server 2012R2

Question asked by Juan Caicedo on Oct 27, 2015
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I am looking for some instruction on how to setup IIS redirection on our Pharos system?

We are currently using the defaults.

When going to http://servername - we get the default IIS website

When going to http://servername/myprintcenter the system redirects just fine to https (after we installed ssl cert) and we can log in to the webapp.

The issue at hand is that I would like to have my users just go to http://myservername and have them redirect to https://servername/myprintcenter


I have tried redirect via IIS web.config file under the "Default website", but what ends up happening when I add the following code is that I think the system is redirecting in a loop multiple times and I end up at:


and i get a server error.


I can probably change the physical or direct path via IIS to point to the web app:







C:\Program Files (x86)\Pharos\PrintCenter\WebApp


But I don't want to break any other functionality.  Any pointers / links would be greatly appreciated.