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    Emails Sent to Mobile Print 2.0 Show in Print Center But Not on Pharos Station

    Gary Conway Wayfarer

      I am testing our Mobile Print 2.0 new installation.  Print center comes up great.  I can upload print jobs and they appear in Print Center.  However, when I use email to submit print jobs, they show up in Print Center but when I go to a Pharos station to release, none of my email print jobs submissions show up.  Only the ones I directly uploaded with Print Center show up.  Checked settings but cannot figure out why?

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          Jeff Herald Guide



          Just to clarify, any jobs that you upload via Print Center will show up on both Print Center and a PC Print Release Station?  Any jobs that are emailed in will show up in Print Center, but NOT on the PC Print Release Station?  Both of these types of jobs use the same path to the print group so what happens to one job (via upload) should also happen to the other (via email).  I have to assume you've reset the services and issued a Change Control and restarted the Pharos Station (if not, do that).  Also, take a look at the job list in Pharos Administrator, under Queued Jobs, to see that both types of jobs are there and that they show up as being part of the MobilePrint print group.  Make sure the jobs show as belonging to the same user.  Also verify that the printer that is associated with the PC Release Station is associated with the MobilePrint print group.  I assume this is the case, or else the uploaded jobs would not show.  Another test you can do is to set a PC station to 'show all jobs' (then issue change control).  See if the jobs show then.  If that happens, then the PC station was filtering 'jobs that belong to owner' and it thinks the owner of the emailed job was not the same as the user that is logged in.  Setting it to 'show all jobs' will let you view the entire set of jobs that the station can see.  Hopefully some of this will help you identify the problem.  If not, I would suggest opening a support incident with Pharos Support.


          Good luck.


          -Jeff Herald - Pharos Systems