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    Terminal Purse Names don't match Uniprint Purse Names

    Ricky Johnson Tracker

      Recently, we added the ability for students to use CBORD funds for printing in addition to their Pharos funds.  It was brought up that the purse names on Pharos don't match the purse names display on each type of terminal (PC Station, Omega PS 200, HP iMFP).  Is it possible to have these names match in Uniprint 9.0?  We have some updates still to do, so that could resolve it, but none of the descriptions for the updates specifically address this issue.


      Thanks for any insight.



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          Jeff Herald Guide



          If you are using a billing script, it may be substituting the purse names there.  If you have a billing script, and if this is where the purse names that you see on the stations are stored, you will be able to edit the words in the script.  then save it and issue a change control, and then test.


          For example, here is the section from a commonly used billing script, that comes with the product:


               new bPharosAccountRequired                = false;                    // If required, user cannot use system without a Pharos account.


               new sPharosPurse1Name                     = "Technology Grant";

               new sPharosPurse2Name                     = "Tuition Fees";

               new sPharosPurse3Name                     = "User Pays";


               new sDefaultOnlineBalanceName             = "Flex Account";          // Default online account balance name (used

                                                                               // if the online solution does not return account names).

               new sOfflineBalanceName                   = "Pending charges";                                                                     


          I hope that helps.  If not, I'd suggest contacting Pharos Support.


          -Jeff Herald - Pharos Systems