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MobilePrint sent directly from Google Docs/Drive - Reply to:

Question asked by Willis Dair on Oct 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by gschwartz

I'm not sure if anyone actually logs into the MobilePrint email account that receive the emails, but I just did and probably only for a handful of times.  I found in the sent emails folder a bunch of registration emails from MobilePrint asking to register their email address  At first I thought it was a spam from someone selling hard drives.  When I open the corresponding email that was sent to MobilePrint, it appears someone is trying to email a Google Drive document to MobilePrint.  Well, I was wondering how you would do this.  While messing around, I found that if you click on a file in Google Drive, it will open it in one of the Google applications.  If it is not a Google native document, you can open it in a Google application, eg. a MS .docx Word file in the Google Document editor.  If you click on File there is an Email as Attachment feature.  If you email the document as an attachment, you could select PDF as the attachment type.  You enter the MobilePrint email address in the To: box and click send.


This looks like it will work.  The email gets sent to the MobilePrint email inbox and the document is attached to the email.  However, the From: field is and if you look at the header of the actual email file, there is a Reply-to: field with the actual sender's email address.  Of course there is no email attached to any of our Pharos users, so MobilePrint sends a registration notice back to  Since this is a noreply address, the Google Mailer Daemon gets involved and sends a message to MobilePrint.  Now MobilePrint is sending the Mailer-Daemon a registration email.  Back at the ranch, the user is still waiting for the email reply from MobilePrint which never shows up...


I guess since you did not get into an email client and send it yourself, it is saying Google drive sent the email on behalf of the sender.  Otherwise, I guess if someone wants to print Google Drive file, they would have to download the file to a computer, start an email client, click the paperclip to attach the file and then send it, OR I guess they could do the popup client.  I can see how sending it directly from Google drive could be more convenient.


So the question is, is there a way for the MobilePrint server to look at the Reply-to: field if it exists in a mail message?  My understanding from working with SMTP from a previous life, is that you send or reply to the address in the From: field unless there is a Reply-to: field that overrides the From:.   I don't see anything in the MobilePrint configuration that references Reply-to:


Any thoughts on this issue?  Maybe a possible development feature?  Or are we opening a can of worms?


Attached is a sample header from a MobilePrint email sent from a Google Drive application.


Willis Dair

Santa Clara University

Uniprint 9.0 and MobilePrint 2.0