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    Pharos release station and Epson inkjet printers

    Charles Myers Wayfarer

      I'm having a problem printing to Epson Stylus Pro 4800 and 4900 inkjet printers and I wonder if anyone has found a work around for

      the situation we have...


      For the past two years, we have been using Pharos for Macintosh to these printers, and it has worked very well.


      The campus Pharos servers and release station were updated over the summer, and now the print quantity is not being calculated correctly,

      and our release station charges for the wrong number of prints. Even though someone prints 1 copy of a photo, the Pharos

      might incorrectly calculate the job as 2 copies, or 6 copies, or in one case even hundreds of copies, and it wants to charge the user for

      all the copies. We tried using a generic print driver, and that did not help; also the Macs have the latest popup client.


      Pharos support and Epson support have no solution for this, saying it is something with the PDL printer description language;

      "By default, the Stylus Pro does not use ESC/P2, but rather a proprietary printer language that has some roots in ESC/P2."


      Charles Myers

      Computer Specialist

      Dept. of Visual Arts

      University of Maryland, Baltimore County


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          Steven English Guide



          Ultimately Pharos is correct that if it uses a proprietary driver, it would not be supported by Pharos (Which printer drivers are supported by Pharos products?).  There are two things I would do if I were in your shoes.


          First, I would see if there is any Epson driver that uses a language on Pharos' list (pay attention to footnote #2 regarding Epson's in case it is applicable in your case, though I suspect it would not be if Epson and Pharos have already gone over this with you).


          Second, I would investigate the possibilities of recreating the pieces of the system prior to the upgrade.  For example, was a different print driver used on the Mac computers?  If so, is there any reason that could not be redeployed?  Depending on the version of Pharos that you were using, perhaps the older page counter could be used if it somehow counted the jobs correctly.


          Another piece to the server side of the puzzle would be the potential to manipulate the page counter registry files to try to force the system to use the Windows page count.  I am not sure if that is possible, but it could be explored.  It would likely mean that you would need a dedicated print server just for those devices though as the page counter keys affect all jobs on the server.  This third section would really just be a temporary Band-Aid, but depending on how desperate you are it may be worth it.  Using devices that accept drivers on the relatively extensive list of support print driver languages is your best bet.




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              Scott Olswold Guide



              I have ready access to a Macintosh, so I downloaded the latest EPSON Stylus Pro 4800 driver for my Windows 8.1 machine and MacOS Mavericks workstations and printed some documents to FILE from MS Word 2016, Acrobat Standard 9.5, and Firefox. The Windows side of the operation was easy, and it handily printed to file, read as ESC/P2, and then analyzed them with our Page Counting software, and they each counted correctly (I am using PCounter.exe 10.0.8953).


              On the Mac side (using the 9.33 version of the "EPSON SPro 4800 driver" driver), it was a bit more difficult, because the driver installs some filters and they appear to want a real connection a device, so the job fails to leave the Mac. However, the PDF file that gets stowed in /private/var/spool/cups awaiting the resolution of the filter problem does analyze correctly. I cracked open the PPD that gets built when I create the queue using the EPSON driver, and there are two job language filters that convert either "raster" (bitmap graphics) or "PDF" data to "ESCP"...which I assume (or hope) is actually creating ESC/P2. If it is actually ESC/P2 hitting the Uniprint server, and it is the same ESC/P2 created by the Windows version of the driver, they would page count similarly (and, in my case, correctly).


              I know that this isn't really helping your immediate situation, but my observations are that it should work.




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                Charles Myers Wayfarer

                Thanks for the suggestions. We were using older popup client and older printer driver, and that did not work. I also asked Epson if I could

                do something to edit the ppd file and they have no suggestion. I did open the .ppd file and I saw those lines. I assume that the students are

                printing from photoshop psd files, so maybe those 'filters' you mention are for raster and for pdf, and there is not one for psd.


                Maybe as an experiment, if the users print only PDF files, then the filters would work to make it into the ESCP that the Pharos server needs.


                To change the print driver on the Mac to use the ESC/P2, can only be changed in the printer System Preferences,

                but only in Epson models which have that ability/feature. Unfortunately the 4800 and 4900 do not have that feature, so I cannot change

                it in the System Preferences. The tech support tole me it was something like 'Process job by printer' whatever that is.


                I will also ask our IT department if they could do something like you suggested and go back to the old counter

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                Charles Myers Wayfarer

                I am going to mark this as answered, since it is not possible to get Pharos to work with the Epson printers. The Uniprint

                is not compatible because Epson uses a proprietary ESCP printer language and that will not change. We are going to try

                using another print queue manager called Paper Cut, which is known to work with Epsons. Thanks for your responses.

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                    Yadin Flammer Navigator

                    To be clear, it IS possible to use Epson printers with Uniprint, we have them and have done do.  However, because of the proprietary language, it's not guaranteed with all models, you need to test to see about compatibility.  Also, this has drastically improved in the last 3-4 months as Pharos got some new info from Epson and upgraded the pcounter (see its release notes) several times.  We also in the past saw issues with huge pagecount issue, be it zero cost jobs or thousands of prints.  Those have not been seen recently on the older models you mentioned (tested cross platform), but we did have a new issue with a brand new model hot off the factory, and sent that info to support.  Make sure you have upgraded your components, especially the page counter.